Our Mission,Vision,objectives


"To import Education for Global Excellence. "

"Character building through quality Science Education. "

  • To inculcate in the students a spirit of inquiry, develop abilities of analysis and reasoning, and hence, to obtain verifiable results from observed facts.

  • To create healthy atmosphere for the advancement of culture, and also for all-round personality development of the youth.

  • To sensitize the students through value-based education to imbibe human values, patriotism and the optimum utilization of human resources.

  • To motivate the science undergraduates for higher education and research.

  • To create scientific basis through the basic science to pursue professional courses.

  • To provide quality science education to support technology.

  • To impart continuously updated-advanced knowledge to the students.

  • To expose the students to need-based courses and subjects relevant to the demands of the time.