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B.Sc Data Science

B.Sc Data Science


The B. Sc. Data Science is an exciting programme that aims to build a broad foundation in computer science and statistics among students, through which they can learn a wide variety of analytical applications in Science, Engineering and Technology. Rooted in a legacy of providing excellent computer science education since 1999, B.Sc. Data Science program was introduced during the academic year 2023-24 which is precisely designed to meet the evolving needs of the IT industry, particularly in the dynamic field of data science. As an autonomous institutionRLS Institute maintains a commitment to academic excellence by aligning its curriculum with the latest industry trends. The B.Sc. Data Science program stands out with a state-of-the-art infrastructure, qualified and experienced facultyand a curriculum that emphasizes practical applications and hands-on learning. The program aims to produce a new generation of IT professionals proficient in data science, analytics, and emerging technologies, preparing students to meet the challenges of the ever-evolving tech landscape. With the growing demand for data science talents worldwide, this program provides a unique opportunity to acquire and apply savvy data science skills, enabling students to make meaningful contributions in various industries and enhancing career prospects. This initiative signifies not only an academic pursuit but also a commitment to shaping the future of information technology and data analytics at RLS Institute.


I Semester
DSC-I 23DS101 IntroductiontoProgrammingUsingC
DSC-I-Lab 23DS102 CProgrammingLab
DSC II 23DS103 DiscreteMathematics
DSC III 23DS104 DigitalComputerFundamentals
OEC 22EL111 Domestic Equipment Maintenance
22ST111 Statistical methods
SEC 21PE101 Physical Education and Yoga
SEC 21PE102 Health and Wellness
AECC 21EN101 Generic English-I
AECC 21KA101 Kannada-I
AECC 21HI101 Hindi-I
II Semester
DSC-IV 23DS201 Python Programming
DSC-IV-Lab 23DS202 Python Programming Lab
DSC V 23DS203 IntroductiontoDataScience
DSC VI 23DS204 DescriptiveStatistics
OEC 22EL211 Consumer Electronics
22CS211 Web Designing
SEC 21PE201 Physical Education and Sports
23KA211 Cultural Activities-I
AECC 21EN201 Generic English-II
AECC 21KA201 Kannada-II
AECC 21HI201 Hindi-II
SEC 21ES211 Environmental Studies



List of BoS Members for the year 2023 – 24
Sl. No. BoS Member Representation
1 Smt. Varsha S. Ravalukedari Coordinator B.Sc. Data Science and Analytics R.L. Science Institute, Belagavi   Chairperson
2 Prof. Shivanand Gornale PG Department of Computer Science Rani Channamma University, Belagavi V C Nominee
3 Dr. Jayashri Rudagi Professor and HOD, Department of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science, S.G. Balekundri Institute of Technology, Belagavi A C Nominee
4 Dr. Sagargouda Patil Associate Professor and HOD, Department of CSE, Jain College of Engineering and Research, Belagavi A C Nominee
5 Mr. Vaibhav Chavan Co-Founder, Zeel Code Labs Industry Representative
6 Mr. Ajit D. Sutar HoD, Statistics R.L. Science Institute, Belagavi Member    
7. Mr. V. K. Ganiger HoD, Electronics R.L. Science Institute, Belagavi Member
8. Miss. Sudha Sarikar HoD, Mathematics R.L. Science Institute, Belagavi Member
9. Shri. H. N. Bannur HoD, English & NCC Officer (Air-Wing) R.L. Science Institute, Belagavi Member
10. Smt. M. C. Hunashibeej HoD, Kannada & NSS Officer R.L. Science Institute, Belagavi Member
11. Shri. Manoj D. Yallurkar Assistant Professor, Hindi R.L. Science Institute, Belagavi Member
12. Dr. S. M. Bulbuli Physical Director & NCC Officer (Army-Wing) R.L. Science Institute, Belagavi Member
13. Miss. M. S. Bagi HoD, Botany R.L. Science Institute, Belagavi Member



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