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About the Library

K.L.E. Society is a group of premier institutions established in the year 1916. The K.L.E. Society’s Raja Lakhamagouda Science Institute Library is established with the inception of the college.

It is knowledge Center for accessibility developed on modern lines as a prominent Learning Resources Center. The Library has a rich collection to meet the user demands of present and future and has sincere efforts to assure an environment for intellectual inquiry by providing user focused services to obtain and evaluate scholarly information and knowledge available in main formats and strives to create new knowledge to increase understanding and develop wisdom. The rich collection includes Books, Journals, Magazines, Newspapers, e-Journals and e-Books to satisfy the users thirst of knowledge.

A well-housed and well-managed library is being updated from time-to-time to keep pace with the ever changing field of knowledge and expectations of users. The library is automated with the help of ‘eLib’ library software. Internet service is provided in the library for accessing e-resource databases like N-LIST, DELNET and NDLI etc.

Create and sustain a culture of learning through inquisitive reading.

To use new developments in Technology to expose the ever – expanding frontiers of knowledge to staff and students.


  1. Provide books, printed materials and other electronic resources for access to knowledge, promote scholarly communication and provide information to academic community to support teaching, learning and research activity.
  2. Organize materials to acquire, manage and disseminate and make use of Library.
  3. Organize materials to acquire, manage and disseminate and make use of library.
  4. Provide guidance and aid to the people in their use of the library’s resources.
  5. To work with faculty in integrating information skills, knowledge of information sources and the use of technology in accessing information needed to strengthen their instruction, research and extension programs.
  6. To provide an appropriate and comfortable environment and facilities for the use of library services.

Library Timing
The library is kept open throughout the year except on general holidays and Sundays.
  • Central Library timing is 08.30 am to 06.30 pm.
  • BCA Department Library timing is 09.30 am to 05.30 pm.

Library Automation
Easylib Easylib Software Pvt. Ltd, Bangaluru Partially - 2002
eLib (B.Sc & M.Sc) Aargees Business Solutions, Hubballi Partially 16.2 2006
eLib (BCA) Aargees Business Solutions, Hubballi Partially 16.2 2020

All housekeeping activities and services of the library were automated such as Technical process of books, Membership, Data entry, Cataloguing, Journal Entry, OPAC, Circulation, Bar-coding, All kind of reports, Backup of entire software etc.

Computerized Circulation Counter is made available for issue and return through software with the help of Barcode scanner.

Library Membership
1) UG and PG Students
All the Enrolled Students of R.L.Science Institute are entitled to become the members of the library. Provide one passport size photo, fee receipt and Aadhaar Card as your identification proof.

2) Staff
The teaching and non teaching faculty of the R. L. Science Institute can avail their library membership through an application (Click here for membership form) to the Librarian submitted through the Principal and Head of the Department and a copy of Aadhaar Card.

A Bar-coded ID Card will be provided to each student and staff. It is to be used for all library services and also as college Identity card.

Duration of Loan Period

The library follows an Open Access Policy, user can allowed to pick a book of their choice and get issued at circulation counter against the ID card issued to the library users.

The borrowing privileges are as follows:
1 B.Sc Student 20 Days 02
2 P.G Student 01 Month 06
3 B.C.A Students 1 Full Sem 01 Set
4 Regular Faculty and Management Appointed Faculty 1 Full Sem 15
5 Visiting Faculty 1 Full Sem 10

Library Advisory Committee

The function of the Library Advisory Committee is to support the functioning of the library so that it can facilitate the library development plans by advocating the library development activities with the management. It acts as a channel of communication and dialogue between the Library System and its users. Its main objective is to establish a bridge between Library, Academic Fraternity, Student Community and the institute.

The LAC is constituted by the head of the Institution. As per the notification 2021-22 the LAC was constituted by the Honorable Principal and is as follows:

LAC Members 
  1. Dr. J. S. Kawalekar Principal
  2. Shri. S. B. Hiremath Chairperson
  3. Shri. S. Nanjappanavar Management Representative Member
  4. Miss. R. S. Maben Member
  5. Dr. Jagadish Hiremath Member
  6. Shri. V. S. Savatagi         Librarian
  7. Shri. A. S. Hanji B.C.A Librarian
  8. Mr. Sameed D. U. G. Student Representative
  9. Mr. Vinay Badiger P. G. Student Representative

Special Activities
  • Best Reader Recognition: Recognizing students and staffs as best readers for their extensive and disciplined use of library.
  • Information Sharing Board: Pooling information about a specified topic by Students.
  • Special Information Zone: To display articles on special issues from Periodicals.
  • Paper Clipping Albums: Paper Clippings of special events, useful articles for students carrier.
  • Read a Book Write a Paragraph: By writing reviews which books you have read in a paragraph of own choice.

Library Facilities

  • Open Access: Users can easily select and pick a book of their choice on their own the Main Library Section. Here the books are arranged subject wise in Author alphabetic system. At first a separate Dictionary, Encyclopedia and Multivolume book sections (Non-Issuable Books) are maintained then subjects were maintained.
  • One I.D. card for all services: The bar-coded library membership number as well as the number is embedded in the college identity card. Without this identity card he/she will not be entertained in the library at any circumstances because we are practicing ‘1 card for all services’.
  • Automated Movement Register: All the registered BCA users are to swap their I.D. cards under the scanner provided to register their Entry and Exit in the Library.
  • Internet Browsing & Wi-fi Facility: The free Internet and Wi-Fi service is available in the Library.
  • Subscribed e-Resources Packages: Library has subscribed N-LIST and DELNET Databases to full fil information needs (especially e-Resources) of faculty and students.
  • OPAC (Online Public Access Cataloging): A Digital facility to search Library catalogue to locate books, periodicals etc.
  • Safety & Security:
    1) Ala-ram Bell
    2) Fire Extinguisher
    3) CCTV Camera Surveillance with Recording and Back-up Facility.
    4) Generator Facility for Uninterrupted power supply.

Library Services

  • Borrowing of Books: 1) Borrowing facilities are given only to the members of the library against the ID card issued by the Library. 2) ID card is non transferable. 3) The borrower is responsible for any book issued against their ID Nos. as per the library records. 4) For renewing, it is necessary that the book has to be presented at the counter.
  • Periodicals: The Journals, Magazines and Newspapers are issued to read only in the Library premises. At any circumstances they are not issued out.
  • Over Night Issue: Issue of books for an overnight reference. The book will be issued from Text Book Reference Section after 4.45 pm and the same will be returned on next working day before 11.00 am.
  • Text Book Reference Section: A student can make use of variety of Text Books for their reference of their respective courses.
  • Inter Library Loan: A form of resource sharing with other libraries. Only reference service is provided under this service on the submission of authorization institution letter and valid ID card.
  • Incentives for Sports Students: Additional books are provided to sports persons on their request.
  • Orientation Program: The library conduct an orientation program for all newly admitted students at the beginning of the academic year. The library staffs familiarize the students with all the facilities, responsibilities, regulations, how to use e-resources and benefits related to library usage. This tradition has ensured that students are well aware of all dynamics of the library and make the best use of it.
  • Book Selection from Students: Opportunity for students to suggest new titles to the library.
  • Display of New Arrivals: To display the latest accessed books to library.
  • Current Awareness Service: Maintain reports articles and patents etc on current issues.
  • Selective Dissemination of Information: To give selected information related to different departments.
  • What is Special Today? To display articles on events and information related to the specific days regularly.
  • News Paper Clippings: Collect paper clipping on Science and Technology, Education, Competitive Exams, Health etc.
  • Book Fair: To conduct book fair annually in collaboration with different publishers and book sellers.
  • Book Exhibition: In order to create awareness about the special occasions and to increase the curiosity and the reading habits of users, the library regularly conducts book exhibition on selected special occasions and the birth anniversary of eminent persons etc.

Library Rules & Regulations

  • One I.D. card for all services: The bar-coded library membership number as well as the number is embedded in the college identity card. Without this identity card he/she will not be entertained in the library at any circumstances because we are practicing ‘1 card for all services’ .
  • Open Access: Users can easily select and pick a book of their choice on their own in the Main Library Section: Here the Books are arranged subject-wise in Author alphabetic system. Not to disturb the order of the books on the shelves.
  • Every person taking a book out of the Library and every reader using a book within the Library shall be responsible for its safe custody and return.
  • A new book shall not, normally, be taken out of the Library during the first week after it has been classified and catalogued.
  • Every periodical publication shall be displayed till the receipt of the next number.
  • Library books will be issued to the regular students for home lending only during the prescribed hour in every academic year.
  • Books must be returned to the Library within 20 days from the date of issue. If necessary, the same books may be reissued for two times, if there is no demand from others.
  • Pure Reference books, loose issues of periodicals, magazines, and newspapers will not be allowed out of the Library or for home lending.
  • The books from the lending section shall be issued on your library membership through college ID Cards.
  • Books and other reading material borrowed from the Library are liable to be recalled, at any time, and shall be returned within seven days.
  • Loud talking, conversation, making noise is strictly prohibited in or near the library.
  • Using Mobile Phone and other gazettes in the library is strictly prohibited.
  • The LAB has power to refuse admission to any one infringing the rules and regulations of the library.
  • The issue shall be closed 15 min before closing the library.
  • The books shall however be returned to the Library at the end of every academic year i.e. end of the examination.

Loss of Books
  • A borrower who loses a book issued to him/her shall have to bear 3 times the cost of the book.
  • As far as possible, the borrower should replace the book lost or its latest edition.
  • In case of books running in series or set, patrons shall make good the loss of the single volume lost, if it is available in the market , or
  • Pay the cost of the entire series or set in case the single volume is not available for sale and the entire set will be accepted as a substitute.

  • The students of U.G and P.G. Departments shall return books due, soon after the examinations are over.
  • Names of the students from whom books are due will be reported to the Principal for with-hold their results and marks cards.
  • In the event of any doubt or dispute arising in the interpretation of these rules, the decision of the Library Advisory Board is final.

Warning Bell
  • A warning bell will be given 10 minutes prior to the closure of the Library.
  • All patrons shall immediately return the books, taken for regarding, to the assistants-in-charge and then leave the Library.

Digital Library Rules
  • All the Library members should register their Name / Class & Roll Number at the time of entry into the library users register.
  • Digital Library is to be used for academic purposes only.
  • Online chatting in the Digital Library is not allowed.
  • Users are not allowed to carry eatables and drinks in the Digital Library area.
  • Readers must carry their ID card while using the Digital Library they must show their ID Card on demand.
  • Changing the settings and display of the Computers kept in the Digital Library are not allowed.
  • Playing games on computer is strictly prohibited in the entire Library premises.
  • Students should take care of their Pen drives, CD/DVD ROMs, Cell Phones and Wallets etc.
  • Computers are for educational use only the use of the Internet in the Digital Library is for reference work. Accessing unauthorized sites are strictly prohibited.
  • Browsing of Dating, Networking of friendship and prone websites is strictly prohibited. Strict disciplinary action will be taken against the defaulters.

Digital Library User Guidelines
  • Login with your own username and password.
  • Log out before you leaves the system ideal.
  • Beware of Malware and other unsolicited threats, if found inform the Librarian or Technical person immediately.
  • Don’t save your personal data on hard drives or desktops.
  • Data will be cleaned every week from the desktops.
  • Please don’t install any software’s.
  • Please avoid using mobile phones.
  • Library is under CCTV Surveillance.
  • Please Maintain Silence.

Library Statistics

Grant Wise Number of Volumes Purchased and Amount Spent

1 Biology 2054 64,044=00
2 Chemistry 2787 62,231=00
3 Complimentary 174 28,867=00
4 COSIP 534 22,996=00
5 Equal Opportunity Center 145 41,932=00
6 General 10452 17,94,256=00
7 Global Skills Enhancement 44 07,364=00
8 Mathematics 1597 27,195=00
9 Physics 2422 59,741=00
10 PSL 9039 07,48,379=00
11 UGC 8278 10,82,742=00
12 UGC-MRP 508 03,50,191=00
13 UGC-COP 186 54,664=00
14 UGC - Educationally Backward Area 359 01,05,056=00
15 UGC - Guidance Cell 140 49,446=00
16 UGC – RCS 223 73,620=00
17 UGC – Medical Laboratory Technician 259 37,925=00
18 BCA 6428 19,30,552=00
TOTAL 45,629 65,41,201=00

Total No. of Journals Subscribed: 23

Total No. of Magazine Subscribed: 9

Total No. of Newspapers Subscribed: 9


New book added to the library will be displayed every day on “New Arrivals Shelves” to make the users about new additions to the library. Further the list of books added to the library.

The description of the new books addition is as follows.

Activities Organized

List of Activities Undertaken in Association with IQAC

Year: 2021-2022

  1. Online Awareness Program "e-Resources for Teaching and Learning : N-LIST and Open Access Resources":
    The Department of Library and Information Center in association with IQAC and Research Cell is organizing Online Awareness Program on the topic “e-Resources for Teaching and Learning : N-LIST and Open Access Resources” for students and faculty members in K. L. E. Society’s Raja Lakhamagouda Science Institute, Belagavi on 15th November 2021 at 3.00 P.M on the Zoom platform and was also live streamed on College YouTube channel.The Online Awareness Program commenced with the welcome address delivered by the Principal Dr. Jyoti Kawalekar. Smt. M. M. Puranik introduced the speaker for the webinar Mr. Iranna Shettar, Assistant Librarian, National Institute of Technology Karnataka, Surathkal, Mangalore. After then, Resource person of the Online Awareness Program Mr. Iranna Shettar was invited to deliver his talk. In this webinar resource person Mr. Iranna M Shettar Assistant Librarian, In-charge (Periodicals & E-resources Management) NITK, Surathkal, Karnataka shared his precious views on what is N-List? Why N-List? What kind of content? How to access N-List? and Open Access Resources for teaching, learning and Research.The session was followed by a Question and Answer round which was moderated. The Online Awareness Program was extremely enlightening, engaging and informative. A total of 134 participants attended the Online Awareness Program through online and offline 72 students gathered at C. V. Raman Hall for the awareness program.The session was compered by Dr. Kirthi Byadagi. The vote of Thanks was delivered by Mr. Vinayak Savatagi.
  2. Exhibition on Life Science and Competitive Exams:
    The R.L.S.I Library has organized the “Life Science and Competitive Exams Book Exhibition” on 29th and 30th April 2022. It’s held in R.L.S.I. Central Library Reading Hall premises started at 11.00am. The program began with the traditional lighting of the lamp. The beloved Principal Dr. Jyoti S. Kawalekar, All Departments HOD’s and Students to light the lamp. The main purpose of this exhibition was to acquaint and familiarize the collection available in the library. This is one way to inculcate and promote reading habits amongst the students and faculty members. Which was benefited by many numbers of students and staff.
  3. Yoga Book Exhibition:
    On the occasion of International Yoga Day, the Department of Library & Information Center in association with IQAC has arranged book exhibition on 21st June 2022 of Yoga books from the Library collection. On this occasion of inaugural function Dr. Jyoti. S. Kawalekar Principal, IQAC Coordinator, Physical Education Director, Faculty members and students were present on this occasion of yoga Book Exhibition.
  4. Book Exhibition on Kannada Literature and Guest Literature:
    Department of Library and Information Center in association with Department of Kannada and IQAC has arranged book exhibition on Kannada Literature and Guest Lecture on the topic “Kannada : Competitive Exams” on Thursday 07th July 2022 in Library Reading Hall for the B.Sc II and IV Semester students. Dr. H. S Melinmani, Assistant Professor, K.L.E’s Lingaraj College, Belagavi, was the resource person of the Guest Lecture. The event was attended by 7 faculty members and 200 students of kannada department.
  5. Book Fair:
    In Association with Sapna Book House, Belagavi organized Book Fair on 03rd and 04th August 2022 at R.L.S.I. Central Library Reading Hall. The Book Fair inaugurated by Shri. Ramaiah Deputy Director, City Central Library, Belagavi. In this Book Fair Different types of books like Science reference books and text books, drama, fictions, story and especially competitive exams books are displayed cum sold here which was benefited by many students and faculties.
  6. Librarians Day:
    On the occasion of birth Anniversary of “Father of Library Science” Dr. S. R. Ranganathan which is celebrated as “Librarians Day”. Library Advisory Committee in association with IQAC organized Librarians Day celebration on 12th August 2022. The Principal Dr. J. S. Kawalekarwas the chief guest of the event. On this occasion we organized book exhibition books written by Dr. S. R. Ranganathan. During this function more than 60 faculty and students were present.

Year: 2020-2021

  1. National Webinar on “Promotion of Academic Integrity and Prevention of Plagiarism”:
    The Department of Library and Information Center, K.L.E’s Raja Lakhamagouda Science Institute, Belagavi organized the National webinar over Google Zoom on 01st July, 2021 from 03.00 pm to 05.00 pm. In this webinar, 389 participants from 13 states of India have been registered themselves. Smt. Pooja Melavanki Ass. Professor Dept of Botany, welcomed all the participants and gave a brief introduction to the theme of the webinar. K.L.E’s R. L. Science Institute Principal Dr. Jyoti S Kawalekar briefly describes about the esteemed Karnataka Lingayat Education Society and Raja Lakhamagouda Science Institute. Shri. Vinayak Savatagi, Librarian of the college, welcomed the delegates and introduced the Guest of Honor, Dr. Anand M Dodamani, Assistant Librarian and Faculty, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai. After then, Resource person of the webinar Dr. Anand M. Dodamani was invited to deliver his talk. The webinar talk was delivered by Dr. Anand M. Dodamani covers “Promotion of Academic Integrity and Prevention of Plagiarism” and later on he addressed a few questions raised by the participants. Finally, Shri. Vinayak Savatagi proposed vote of thanks.

Year: 2019-2020

  1. National Webinar on "Book Culture and Reading Habits":
    The Department of Library and Information Center, K.L.E’s Raja Lakhamagouda Science Institute, Belagavi organized the 1st webinar over Google Zoom on 01st July, 2020 from 11.30am to 12.45pm. The webinar was started with the welcome address by Prof. R. R. Wadagavi. K.L.E’s R. L. Science Institute Principal Dr. V. D. Yalamali briefly describes about the esteemed Karnataka Lingayat Education Society and Raja Lakhamagouda Science Institute. Shri. Vinayak Savatagi, Librarian introduced the speaker Dr. Shreedhar Hegde Bhadran. The webinar talk was delivered by Dr. Shreedhar Hegde Bhadran covers “Book Culture and Reading Habits” and later on he addressed a few questions raised by the participants. A total 1422 people have registered the event. The vote of thanks was offered by Prof. Sushma Katti.


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For any of your difficulty related to Library Contact us,

Vinayak Savatagi
Central Library,
K.L.E. Society’s Raja Lakhamagouda Science Institute (Autonomous),
College Road, Belagavi – 590001. Karnataka.
Tel: 0831-2420435
Email: klerlslibrary2019@gmail.com

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