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A journal is a periodical especially one containing scholarly article and/or disseminating current information on research and development in a particular subject field. In this task done by electronic media then it may be called e-journal. A journal produced and stored and scanned in a database and then retrieved through online then retrieved through online then same thing is called ‘online’ journal.

Open Educational and Courseware Resources

The National Knowledge Commission of India (NKC), constituted on 13 June 2005 with a overarching aim is to transform India into a vibrant knowledge-based society. NKC’s Working Group on Open Access and Open Educational Resources and Working Group on Libraries have strongly recommended open access to public-funded research literature and support establishment of open courseware repositories for countrywide dissemination of quality courseware to many cross-sections of people. At a international level, the Open Knowledge Initiative (OKI) is a MIT-led community effort that has defined a service-oriented architecture to facilitate the construction and use of educational applications.

Some of the major Open Educational and Courseware Resources to support learning, teaching and research activities at national and international are highlighted below.

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