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Department of Biotechnology was established in the year 2004, and is designed to provide specialized and scientific learning along with skill improvement trainings to help the students to explore towards various career paths in agriculture, healthcare, forensics, industrial, pharmaceutical fields. In this vision we organize many programs. The main purpose of the program is creation of well informed human resources who have the ability to work in Government, Semi Government, private and public sectors owned by Biotechnology Organizations, and also to take responsibility of administrative positions.

Biotechnology is considered as applied field of life science. The studies includes utilization of biological system to develop different products. The main objective of this course is to provide basic knowledge and idea for advanced studies in Biotechnology among undergraduate students. In this course, students will learn about a combination of many different topics which includes Biochemistry, Microbiology, Immunology, r DNA technology, Plant Tissue Culture and Animal Cell Culture and their applications in welfare of human.

The students have opportunity to opt Biotechnology in two combinations. Chemistry, Zoology and Biotechnology and Chemistry, Botany and     Biotechnology. Our Department has well equipped laboratories, including Plant Tissue Culture laboratory. We focus on educating students with respect to developing Biotechnological aspects that includes. In this direction, our department organizes workshops, seminars, guest lectures, field visits, and visit to Research centers and along with these we organize student oriented activities like model making competitions, poster presentations and student seminars.

This course not only increases the knowledge among the students, it also build the confidence to work in Industrial, Teaching and Research areas. Along with that students also acquire the ability of entrepreneurship.


  • Chemistry, Zoology and Biotechnology - CZBt
  • Chemistry, Botany and Biotechnology- CBBt


Biotechnology is one of the advanced branch of Life Science. The course deals with the study of manipulating a living cell for welfare of human being.  The objective of this course is to provide basic theoretical and practical knowledge to undergraduate students to excel in advanced topics of Biotechnology.

The key areas of study within course are Cell Biology, Microbiology, Immunology, Genetic engineering, Plant and Animal Biotechnology, Molecular Biology, industrial and environmental Biotechnology etc.

This course increases the knowledge among the students, it also build the confidence to work in Industrial, Teaching and Research areas. Along with that students also acquire the ability of entrepreneurship.


  • To inculcate entrepreneurship among the students so as to start their own ventures in the field of Biotechnology.
  • To train the students to take up wide variety of roles like researchers, Scientist, consultants, entrepreneurs, academicians, industry leaders & Policy.




1 Smt. D.S Shettar HOD, Biotechnology Dept. Raja Lakhamagouda Science Institute (Autonomous), Belagavi BOS chairman
2 Dr. Shrinivas c. Prof. Biotchnology Bangaluru University, Bangaluru V.C Nominee (Subject expert)
3 Dr. Uday Muddapur K.L.E Technological University Hubballi A.C Nominee (Subject expert)
4 Dr. Pavan Kundur Associate Professor G.m. Institute of Technology Davangere A.C Nominee (Subject expert)
5 Dr. Hanamant Associate Prof. Kristu Jayanti College Bengaluru A.C Nominee
6 Shri. Anand Darur Optimus Herbal Extracts, Belagavi Industrialist
7 Dr. G. G. Biradar Member


The department focuses on advanced and emerging research trends. With this objective we go for different research programs that includes,

  1. Enzymology: The research in Enzymology includes Evaluating different enzymes and their role, Production of enzymes and enzymatic assays.
  2. Microbiology: Microbiology is considered to be most interesting topic in Life Science. This area includes study of many different Anti-microbial activities, antibiotic production, secondary metabolite production from microorganisms, Pollution control using microorganisms.
  3. Cancer research: This research area includes studies of cancer cells, Survey among cancer patients and treatment to different types of cancer.
  4. Biofertilizers production: This research area includes the production method of biofertilizers, different organisms used in production and their role and analysis of activity of microorganisms which act as source of biofertilizers production.
  5. Plant Biotechnology: This research area includes the Callus production, Suspension culture, synthesis of artificial seeds, organogenesis protocols and applications of Plant tissue culture.



  1. Evaluation of in-vitro antioxidant and anticancer activity of Allophylus cobbe  leaf extracts on DU145 and PC3 human prostate cancer cell lines by  Shridhar c. Ghanage, Sridevi I. Puranik, Rajendra B. Nerli, and Murigendra B. Hiremath, published in Cytotechnology Journal in 2016 dated 18th December 2016
  2. In-vitro antioxidant and anticancer activity of Leea indica leaf extracts on human prostate cancer cells by Shridhar c. Ghanage, Sridevi I. Puranik, Vijay M. Kumbar, Rajendra B. Nerli, Sunil S. Jalalpure, Murigendra B. Hiremath, Shivayogeeshwar Neelagundi, and Ravindranath Aladakatti, published in Integrative Medicine Research Journal in the year 2017 dated 16th January 2017.


  1. Biotechnology higher Education, Funding and Start-Ups: Indian scenario, by Shridhar c. Ghanage, Murigendra B. Hiremath,  G Kadadevaru Sridevi I. Puranik and R. B Nerli, published in Productivity Journal in the year 2017 dated  October- December 2017 page no-300.
  2. Evaluation of  in-vitro antioxidant and anticancer activity of  Simarouba glauca leaf extracts on T-24 Bladder cancer cell line by  Sridevi I. Puranik, Shridhar c. Ghanage, Rajendra B. Nerli, Sunil S. Jalalpure,   Murigendra B. Hiremath published in Pharmacognosy  Journal, volume 8, issue 6 in the year 2017 dated  November – December 2017.
  3. Overcoming hindrance in Writing research article: Advice to Novices by Shridhar C. Ghanage, Rajendra B. Nerli, Sridevi I. Puranik, published in Journal of Scientific Society by Wolters Kluwer-Medknow in the year 2017 dated  23rd October
  4. Booming Biotechnology: The promising future in Health care, by Sridevi I. Puranik, Shridhar C. Ghanage published in Advances in Biotechnology and Microbiology Journal in the year 2017 August in volume 5. Page no. 001
  5. Assessment of stress among working women in selected professionals from Belagavi region. By, Kalpana I. Pattan, Sridevi I. Puranik and Padmaja Basti published in International Journal of Health Science and Research in the year 2017 August volume 7 page no. 314
  6. Frontiers of Monoclonal antibodies: Application in medical practices by Shridhar c. Ghanage, Sridevi I. Puranik, Siew Hua Gan, Murigendra B. Hiremath, R. B Nerli and M. V Ravikumar published in Human Antibodies Journal in the year 2017


  1. Production of Laccase by Ganoderma sp. In submerged fermentation by Adiveppa B. Vantamuri, Sudheer I. Manawadi, Sanjotha K. Guruvin, Vidya M. Holennavar, Danamma S. Shettar, published in Journal of Advanced Scientific Research in the year 2019 November .


1 National Seminar Emerging trends in pure & Life Science 29/03/2016
2 Institute level One day Training Program Molecular Techniques 17/02/2016
3 National Seminar Word Ozone Day (Keep Cool & Carry on) 19/09/2018
4 Institute level Work Shop Bioinformatics 16/09/2018
5 Institute level PPT  Competition Recent Development in Biotechnology 8/08/2018
6 National Seminar Word Ozone Day (Global Warming & Impact of Climate Change) 16/09/ 2019
7 Institute level Poster presentation Competition Biotechnology for Better Tomorrow 24/08/2019
8 International National Webinar High throughput sequencing  opportunities 24/06/2020
9 National Webinar The Abuse of Anabolic- Androgenic Steroids in Athletes : Potential health hazards 27/06/2020
10 National Webinar Advantages and Hazards of Ozone 16/09/2020
11 National Webinar Nanotechnology for Sustainable development 01/07/2021


1 Dr. P.S Subbapurmath Principal, School of Agriculture Training & Research, Mattikop Organic farming and Biofertilizers 11/08/15
2 Shri Pramod Kumar Scientist C, Regional Medical Research Centre, Belagavi Bioinformatics: Applications and career prospective 05/01/16
3 Dr.Sanjay Mishra Scientist Grade II, KLE University’s Dr Prabhakar Kore Basic Science Research Centre, Belagavi In vitro analysis of medicinal plants for treatment of diseases 02/02/16
1 Dr. M. V. Ravishankar Associate Professor, USM-KLE, IMP JNMC campus, Belagavi Research- Basic concepts 23/08/16
2 Dr. Anusree Das Scientist B Regional Medical Research Centre, Belagavi Noble prizes changing the world 21/09/16
1 Dr. Bannappa Unger, Scientist D, ICMR-NITM, Belagavi Biotechnology and Traditional Medicine Research 10/08/17
2018- 19
1 Shri. M. G. Kulkarni Reginal Office Belagavi Vedic Spiritual tools an adjunctive to treat modalities for cancer & relative diseases 9/08/2018
2 Dr. Joy Hosakeri Bijapure University Bioinformatics 25/01/2019
1 Dr. Arun Shettar Faculty of Science PG Department of Studies and Research in Applied Genetics Karnatak University, Dharwad “Emerging Research Opportunities and Jobs in Biotechnology” 30/08/2019
2 Dr. Gireesh babu Head, Genei Laboratories Pvt., Ltd. Bengaluru BIOINSTRUMENTATION 25/01/2020
1 Dr. Karteek Rao Lecturer, Department of Zoology J.S.S Banashankari Arts, Commerce and S. K Gubbi Science Degree College Dharwad “Career in Lifr Sciences with Special emphasis on Biotechnology: Struggles and future prospects 29/05/2021
2 Dr. Suneel Dodmani Scientist, BSRC K.L.E Academy of Higher education and Research Belagavi Role of Human Gut Microbiome in Building Immunity 31/05/2021


1 Centre for Cellular & Molecular Biology, Hyderabad Molecular Techniques 27B.Sc III 15/02/2016 to 19/02/2016
2 Biocentre, Belagavi Plant Tissue Culture 18 B. Sc II 16/01/2016
3 Sai Food Processing, Belagavi Food technology 15 B. Sc I 18/01/2016
1 KLE University’s Dr Prabhakar Kore Basic Science Research Centre, Belagavi PCR &  Electrophoresis 15 B.Sc III 19/08/2016
1 KLEU’S Dr. Prabhakar Kore Basic Science Research Centre, Belagavi Molecular techniques 30 B.Sc III 04/08/2017
1 KLEU’S Dr. Prabhakar Kore Basic Science Research Centre, Belagavi Techniques  of Soxhelet Extraction & Chromatography. 44 B.Sc I 08/01/2019
2 Nijallingappa Sugar Institute Belagavi. Plant Tissue Culture 25 B.Sc II 13/02/ 2019
1 Biocenter, Belagavi Soil analysis, Water analysis & Preparation of Biopesticide & Biofertilizers. 30 B. Sc II 09/01/ 2020


Beyond Curriculum
1 Miss.  Nandini.  Amath Miss .Sneha Huggi Miss. Jyothi Khot Miss. Prathibha  Sharma Mr.  Adib Yaksambi Production of Amylases from Aspergillus  niger Miss.  P.C. Basti
2 Miss. Shruti Haragapur Miss. .Pallavi Madihalli Miss. Soumya G Miss. Rashmi Mutagi Miss. Spoorti D Miss. Sudeshna Hulloli Microbiological Examination of different water samples Miss.  S.I.Puranik
3 Miss. Shantipriya Kamat Miss. Priyanka Torangatti Miss. Sonali Kukadolli Miss. Pooja Pattar Mr.  Sheik Hazi Phytoremediation Miss.  P.C. Basti
4 Miss. Shweta Bannur Miss. Archana Bhosagi Mr.  Ganesh R Mr. Gopal Pachchannavar Mr. Akshay Chougule Production of callus from carrot tap root Miss.  S.I.Puranik
5 Miss. Aishwarya Hattiholi DNA barcoading studies in Polyalthia longifolia Sonn. And  Mesua ferrea Dr.  Subarno Rao Miss.  S.I.Puranik
6 Mr.  Shriram Puranik Miss. Prema Kudjogi Biofertilizer  formulation from the waste of Bio fuel Production Dr.  C. C. Gavimath Miss. P.C. Basti
7 Miss. Aishwarya Hattiholi Miss. Priya Tyagi Purification of Glycerol Dr.C.C.Gavimath Miss. P.C. Basti
Beyond Curriculum
1 Miss. Gayatri Khandekar Miss. Puja S Majage Miss. Shraddha P. Shetti Miss. Deepika Kamble Isolation and characterization of Amylase producing Microorganisms from selected soil sample Miss. P. C. Basti
2 Mr.  Mahesh Dhulennavar Mr.  Muzaffer.  Choncha Mr. .Niranjan. Bastawadkar Mr.  Rohan D’Souza Mr.  Adiveppa Sidhapur Mr. Balesh  M Mr. Prabhakar Ghodageri Study of medicinal plants of RLS campus Miss. S. I. Puranik
Beyond Curriculum
1 Miss. Amruta Deshpande Miss. Nausheen Khazi Miss. Kavyashree Bijjargi Miss. Akshata Salunke A study on Selected Chemical Parameter of Killa Lake, Belagavi Miss. S.I. Puranik
2 Mr. Nelson D’costa Mr. Veeresh Karoshi Hydroponics Miss. P.C. Basti
3 Miss.Sneha K.S Preliminary Phytochemical Screening of Lemon Leaves Miss. S.I. Puranik
4 Miss. Soujanya Devarnani Phenolic Contents In Medicinal Plants Miss. S.I. Puranik
On Curriculum
1 Miss. Shantadevi.H Miss.  Vidyashree G Mr.   praveen B Analysis of Honey Smt.D.S.Shettar
2 Miss. Yerimma.G Miss. Aishwarya A Miss. Mahalaxmi M Mosses as Pollution Control Miss.Trupti  Wadakeri
3 Mr . Manoj.G Miss. Sushmita.P Miss. Pooja.T Miss. Jyoti.G Miss. Bhagyashree N Bioplastic  Smt.D.S.Shettar
4 Miss. Sanyogita.P Miss.  Vaishali. M Neh Miss.  Shushmita 4.Sineen 5.Laxmi Biosynthesis of silver nano particles using  plant sources. Smt. D.S.Shettar
5 Mr.  Manjunath. Patil Miss. Samrudhi. Bhorkade Preparation  of Bio Diesel from Vegetable Oil Miss.Trupti  Wadakeri
6 Miss. Pratibha. W Miss. Nayana Mr.   Akshay. Itanal Miss. Prajwala. H Miss. Radhika. J Extraction of Iron Content from Various Sources Smt.D.S.Shettar
7 Mr.  Pavan Kinagi Miss. Jyothsana.G Miss. Jayalaxmi. Nesargi Miss  Darshan. V Bioremediation of Waste water by Mushroom Smt.D.S.Shettar
8 Mr. Akshay. Galagali Mr. Anirudh. Yadav Mr. Rohan. Patil Preparation of Biotequila  Miss.Trupti  Wadakeri
9 Miss. Geeta. Kamatagi Miss. Gayatri. Pawar Miss. Akshata. H Mr. Sudharshan. K Extraction  of Caffeine by Tea Waste Smt. D.S.Shettar
Beyond the Curriculum
1 Miss. R. Manju Analysis of Honey Miss  Truupti. Wadakeri
On Curriculum
1 Miss. Chaitali  Takkekar Microbial properties of some plant species. Smt. D. S. Shettar
2 Miss. Drakshayani  Hattroti
3 Miss. Husne  Ara
4 Miss. Nidhi  Sulgekar
5 Miss. Parwati  Patil
6 Miss. Shree  Vakund
7 Miss. Anita  Hiremath Improvement of Soil fertility and developing the fertilizer from human hair Smt. D. S. Shettar
8 Miss. Bhavana  Patil
9 Miss. Roshni  Kamble
10 Miss. Shivani  Patil
11 Miss. Soumya  Naik
12 Miss. Annapurna  Koutanali Manufacture of Bio plastics from fruits and vegetables Miss.Aruna Shahapurkar
13 Miss. Dipali  Sadekar
14 Miss. Laxmi Pattar
15 Miss. Rutika Acharya Affect of food preservatives on growth of micro organisms Miss.ArunaShahapurhar
16 Miss. Pranali . Sanasuddi
17 Miss. Padmalata. Patil
18 Miss. Tasmiya. Jamadar
19 Mr. Ramachandra Bhattangi DNA Extraction from strawberry, Kiwi and Shrimp Smt D. S. Shettar
20 Mr. Basavaraj  Patil
21 Mr. Omakar  Gavade
22 Mr. Sachin   Shapur
23 Mr. Vaseem  Surakod
24 Mr. Akash  Ingalagi What Makes DNA finger printing unique Miss.Aruna Shahapurkar
25 Mr. Kavan  Dodmabi
26 Mr. Mahantesh Ullagaddi
27 Mr. Sangamesh Bagewadi
28 Mr. Adil Karikazi Antimicrobial activity of different soaps and toothpaste Smt. D. S. Shettar
29 Miss. Aishwarya Patil
30 Mr. Vikas Badiger
31 Miss. Veda. G
32 Miss. Snejal  Patil Microbial evaluation in Cosmetics Smt .D. S. Shettar
Beyond Curriculum (On going)
1 Miss.Nikhita. N Miss. Deepika Shet Antimicrobial Activity of Ocimum basilicum Dr. Suneel  Doddamani Smt .D.S.Shettar


1 2015-16 07
2 2016-17 07
3 2017-18 06
4 2018-19 15
5 2019-20 07
6 2020-21 13
 Total 55


1 Optimums  Herbal Extract Kanbargi, Belagavi To improve the knowledge of Herbal product usage and to give entrepreneurship training to our B.ScBiotechnology Students at their industry. Till date
2 Alfanzymes Kanbargi, Belagavi To explore the students to research environment  and to give entrepreneurship training to our B.Sc Biotechnology Students at their industry. 26-09-2020 to 27-09-2021


Poster presentation by our Students
Students performing Haemoglobin test
Visit to Centre of Cellular and Molecular Biology Laboratory. Hyderabad
Guest lecture on Bioinstrumentation by Dr. Gireesh Babu
Guest lecture on Bioinstrumentation
Guest lecture on Emerging Research opportunities and Jobs in Biotechnology by Shri Arun Shettar
Guest lecture on Tumor Biology by Shri. M.G Kulkarni
Poster presentation by our Students (2)
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