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Department of Statistics started in 1958. There are qualified & experienced faculty members in the department. The salient feature of the department is the practical training is given to the students by public Opinion and socio-economic surveys with DSO Belagavi. It has produced many outstanding students with ranks and excelling in their chosen fields. The academic activities of the department emphasize deep understanding of fundamental concepts and develop the analytical ability to solve problems which are interdisciplinary in nature. department also encourages its students to engage in extra-curricular and co-curricular activities and nurturing of team spirit and developing organizational skills.


  1. Physics, Mathematics, Statistics (PMS)
  2. Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science (MSCS)


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Mr. Ajit Sutar. Raja Lakhamagouda Science Institute (Autonomous), Belagavi BoS Chairman
Dr. S. Nagesh Karnatak University, Dharwad V C Nominee (Subject Expert)
Dr. P. G. Dixit Morden college of Arts, Science and Commerce college, Shivajinagar. Pune A C Nominee (Subject Expert)
Smt. Rekha Shettar Dist. Statistical Office, Belagavi Member (Allied Area)
Smt. SnehaKakade Jyoti College, Belagavi Alumnus
Dr. (Smt) S. S. Inganshetty Gulbarga University, Kalburgi Member
Dr. Ananda K. S. JSS Banashankari Arts, Commerce and S. K. Gubbi Science College Dharwad Member
Miss. P. S. Mathad Basaveswara Commerce College Bagalakote Member
Miss. Vijayalakshmi S Member


Faculties of statistics department as involved in research areas such as Statistical Inference, Non- Parametric Tests and Applied Statistics - Bio Statistics


2015-2016 “Statistical Analysis of Economics and Health condition of Senior Citizen of Belgaum City”. S.S. Chobari International Journal of Modern Engineering Research. December 2016, Vol.6, 2017-2018 “A Study of Factors the influence students Academic performance multiple linear Regression Modeling Approach”. M. Math International Journal in Management and Social Science. July 2017, Vol.4, 519-525 2018-2019 1. “Zero truncated count models with Application to the dental caries data”. B. Javali, C. M. Math. Indian Journal of Applied Research. August 2018, Vol. 8, 38-41 2. “A note on Repeated Significance Test Procedure for testing exponentially against increasing failure rate average alternative based on subsample”. Keerthi Astagimath, Parameshwar V. Pandit, C. M. Math. International Journal of Research and Analytical Review. February 2019, Vol. 6, 808-813 3. "Role of Skill Development in Higher Education”. M. Math., R. B. Halayyanavar AAYUSHI Interdisciplinary Research Journal March 2019, 297-300


1 National Seminar Big Data Analysis 29/03/2016
2 National Seminar Analysis and Application in Practice 03/03/2018
3 International Workshop Discrete Algebraic Structure and their applications 26/12/2018
4 International Conference Recent Trends in Mathematics 27/12/2018 To 29/12/2018
5 National Webinar Application of SciLab and R-Programming 23/06/2020
6 National Webinar Importance of Agricultural and Nutritional Statistics and Opportunities 29/06/2021


1 Dr. (Smt). Shrada Bhat. Karnatak University, Dharwad. Use and Misuse of Statistics 16/02/2016 2015-2016
2 Dr. S B Somannavar. Lingaraj College, Belagavi. Agriculture and formers  welfare 29/06/2016 2016-2017
3 Dr. M N Megeri. Karnataka College, Dharwad. Measures of life table 27/02/2017
4 Dr. Vijayalaxmi Nalawadi. Tutor and Mentor Scientist Opportunities in central and nationalized universities for master and research 30/03/2017
5 Dr. H. S. Pujar. Basaveshwar Science College, Bagalkot. Administrative statistics 08/09/2017 2017-2018
6 Dr. Gani Shrishail. Karnataka Arts College, Dharwad. Simulation Technique 23/09/2017
7 Dr. Rohit Mutakekar. Goa Institute of Management, Sattari, Goa. Applications of statistics and Avenues 23/12/2017
8 Dr. R. R. Kulkarni. Karnataka university PG Center, Gadag. Applications of Statistics  in management 10/02/2018
9 Dr. Sandeep Nair. Jain College of MBA and MCA, Belagavi. Ethics of statistical inference 28/07/2018 2018-2019
10 Dr. S. B. Javali. USM-KLE IMP, Belagavi. Sample size estimation  in  research 14/02/2019
11 Dr. S. B. Somannavar. Lingaraj College, Belagavi. Sustainable Development Goals 29/06/2019 2019-2020
12 Shri Ashoka K. Founder of G.A.S Academy, Dharwad. Preparation  of JAM /NET / SLET /GATE Examination 10/10/2019
13 Dr. J. B. Prasad KLE Academy of Higher Education and Research JNMC, Belagavi. Career guidance in Biostatistics 29/01/2020
Dr. Naresh Kumar Tyagi KLE Academy of Higher Education and Research JNMC, Belagavi.


1 Government School for deaf and dumb, Azam Nagar Belagavi. To know the proper cause for their disability To know their higher education and career opportunities 20/01/2018
2 Field visit at Pahili Galli 4th cross Shivajinagar, Belagavi. To understand  the practical knowledge of conducting survey 28/10/2019


1 2015-2016 Miss. Laxmi Bhoi Mr. Pankaj Patil Utilization of library resources and services by student: A case study of R. L. Sci. Institute, Belagavi Prof. F. V. Kallanagouder
2 Miss. Mehnaz Miss. Sabiha Attar Statistical Inference Prof. F. V. Kallanagouder
3 Miss. Akshaata Miss. Sanikopp Miss. Chetana M. Binomial distribution Smt. S. S. Chobari
4 Miss. Pallavi B. Mr. Suman T. Miss. Shruti H. Mr. Roshan M. Probability Theory and Measure Theory Smt. S. S. Chobari
5 2016-2017 Miss. Amruta H. Miss. Triveni A.M. Miss. Supriya P. Great Statistician Smt. S. S. Chobari
6 Miss. Maasahebbi U. Miss. Shaizeen P. Miss. Alfiya B. Miss. Varsha D. Miss. Sneha K. Miss. Sameeksha P. Computation of Mortality and Fertility Rate of Belagavi District Dr. C. M. Math
7 Miss. Padmaja C. Famous Woman Statisticians Smt. S. S. Chobari
8 Miss. Kaveri S. Miss. Savita K. Miss. Nikita S.T. Miss. Sangeeta B. K. Miss. Asha D. N. A Case Study on Diabetes and B.P. Dr. C. M. Math
9 Miss. Sohila H. Miss. Deepa M. K. Application of Statistics in Business Smt. S. S. Chobari
10 Miss. Akshata H. Miss. Sumitra T. Vedic Mathematics Dr. C. M. Math
11 2016-2017 Miss. Kshitija Miss. Saniya T. Miss. Ayesha K. Expenditure and Income Smt. S. S. Chobari
12 Mr. Gangadhar I. Mr. Vishal K. Mr. Vinak K. Mr. Prasad D. Mr. Vijay N. Population Projection Dr. C. M. Math
13 Mr. Akash C. Mr. Vishal K. Mr. Suraj P. Mr. Kunal S. Rainfall Estimation by Time series Analysis Smt. S. S. Chobari
14 Miss. Ramya B. Miss. Bhagya C K. Animal Crackers Dr. C. M. Math
15 Miss. Sneha G. Miss. Aishwarya P. Sports Themes Smt. S. S. Chobari
16 Miss. Swarada D. Miss. Reshma K. Housing and Amenities of Slums Dr. C. M. Math
17 Mr. Umesh K. Mr. Vinayak T. Review of Road Accidents in India 2015 Smt. S. S. Chobari
18 Miss. Vijayalaxmi B Miss. Najeema S. Miss. Netra H. Rate of Usage of cosmetics Dr. C. M. Math
19 Miss. Trupti B. Mr. Kiran L. Production of Vegetables and Rice in Belgaum District Smt. S. S. Chobari
20 Miss. Poojashwini M Miss. Kalavva B. Govt Facility for needy people Dr. C. M. Math
21 Miss. Sushma M. Milk Production Smt. S. S. Chobari
22 Mr. Ratan P. Mr. Shashidhar Statistical Analysis of Road Traffic Deaths Dr. C. M. Math
23 Mr. Pavan H. Operations Research Smt. S. S. Chobari
24 2017-2018 Mr. Gangadhar I. Miss. Sumitra T. Mr. Prasad D. Project Report on GST 2015 Dr. C. M. Math
25 Mr. Akash C. Mr. Kunal S. Mr. Suraj P. Miss. Akshata H. Preparation of Practical Question Paper Bank on Large Sample Tests And Small Sample Tests Dr. C. M. Math
26 2017-2018 Mr. Vishal K. Mr. Ramesh G. Miss. Deepa M.K. A Project Report on Sports Facilities Dr. C. M. Math
27 Mr. Vishal K. Mr. Ramesh G. Miss. Deepa M.K. A Project Report on Sports Facilities Dr. C. M. Math
28 Miss. Sohila H. Miss. Deepa K. Miss. Akshata H. Study of Statistical Quality Control Smt. S. S. Chobari
29 Miss. Ayesha K. Miss. Saniya T. Miss. Kshitija H. Report on Road Safety Smt. S. S. Chobari
30 Miss. Sahana B. Mr. Shankaling K. Miss. Shilpa R. Mr. Sunilkumar G. Mr. Guranna D. Miss. Sahana G. World Famous Statisticians Dr. C. M. Math
31 Miss. Sangeeta K. Miss. Savita K. Miss. Asha N. Application of Statistics in Aviation and Space Smt. S. S. Chobari
32 Miss. Padmaja C. Miss. Nikhita T. Miss. Kaveri S. Data Interpretation Smt. S. S. Chobari
33 Miss. Amruta H. Miss. Sneha K. Miss. Triveni M. Miss. Supriya P. Miss. Madhu T. A Statistical Analysis of Self Report Obstacles to regular dental case among professionals Dr. C. M. Math
34 Miss. Shaizeen P. Miss. Alfiya B Miss. Maasahebbi U. Miss. Sameeksha Miss. Pradhane Competitive Aptitude Dr. C. M. Math
35 Mr. Somling D. Mr. Kiran L.                            Union Budget Smt. S. S. Chobari
36 Miss. Somya k. Graphical Representation Dr. C. M. Math
37 Miss. Shilpa R. Probability Smt. S. S. Chobari
38 2017-2018 Miss. Sahana B. Diagrammatic Representation(One Dimensional Diagram) Smt. S. S. Chobari
39 2018-2019 Miss. Mansi G. Miss. Rabiya M. Mr. Guranna D. Mr. Dattappagouda Women Empowerment in Economics Dr. C. M. Math
40 Miss. Soumya K. Miss.Shilpa R. Miss. Priya D. Mr. Vinod R. Six Sigma Limit Miss. A. M. Badiger
41 Mr. Shivabasav M. Mr. Shankarling K. Mr. Prashantayya P. Miss. Nagaratna G. Miss. Ashwini Problems of Street Vendors in Belagavi City Dr. C. M. Math
42 Mr. Sachin K. Mr. Beerappa H. Miss. Deepa H. Miss. Sahana G. Problems of Vegetable Seller in Belagavi City Dr. C.  M. Math
43 Mr. Karthik P. Mr, Aman K. Mr. Prashanthsing Miss. Lata S. Statistical Survey On Milk Diaries of Belagavi City Miss. A. M. Badiger
44 2019-2020 Miss. Lata S. Miss. Manasi G. Miss. Soumya K. Comparative Analysis between Online and Offline shopping Shri. S. B. Hiremath
45 Miss. Priya D. Miss. Rabiya M. Miss. Nagaratna G. Analysis of Online Food Services Shri. S. B. Hiremath
46 Miss. Deepa H. Miss. Ashiwini M. Miss. Sahana G. Miss. Shilpa R. Statistical Analysis on usage  of Mobile Phones Mr. A. D. Sutar
47 Mr. Shivabasu M. Mr. Gurunna D. Food Affect villages in Gokak Taluka Mr. A. D. Sutar
48 Mr. Karthik P. Mr. Mahemurahmed K. Mr. Dattappagouda S. Mr. Prashant Singh Statistical Analysis on Australian bush fire Shri. S. B. Hiremath
49 2019-2020 Mr. Sachin K. Mr. Shankarling K. Mr. Vinodh R. Mr. Prashantayya P. Mr. Beerappa H. Traffic survey Analysis Mr. A. D. Sutar


1 2015-2016 08
2 2016-2017 43
3 2017-2018 36
4 2018-2019 25
5 2019-2020 39


Guest Lecturer on Application of Statistics and Avenues 2017-2018
Guest Lecturer on Measuring of Life Table2016-2017
Guest Lecturer on sustainable Development Goals 2019-2020
Prof. Dr. Rohit Mutkekar addressing the gathering on application of Statistics and Avenues2017-2018
Dr. J. B. Prasad Department of Epidemiology & Biostatistics, KLE Academy of Higher Education and Research JNMC Campus, Nehru Nagar, Belagavi addressing the gathering.2019-2020
DrNaresh kumar Tyagi Department of EpidemioloBiostatistics KLE Academy of Higher Education and Research JNMC Campus, Nehru Nagar, Belagavi addressing the gathering.2019-2020
DrShrada Bhat, Dept. of Statistics, Karnatak University, Dharwad addressing the gathering.2015-2016
Feild survey with NSO officers 2019-2020
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