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Honorable Chairman

Honorable Chairman

(Chairman) KLE Society Belgaum

With its mission the upliftment of educationally backward people of pre-independent North Karnataka, Karnatak Lingayat Education Society came into existence in 1916. Since then, the society has been and will be quenching the thirst of the seekers of knowledge. “The Saptarshis” (seven saints), a band of seven self-less, dedicated and inspiring young graduates pioneered the establishment of the educational empire – K.L.E. Society. It imparts education in all the spheres of human knowledge ranging from Kindergarten to Post-Graduation: such as, Humanities, Physical Science, Medical Science, Agricultural Science, Engineering and Technology etc. The Society has entered into collaboration with as many as six foreign Universities.

Initiating a number of new academic programmes through its constituent colleges, K.L.E. University under its Chancellor Dr. Prabhakar Kore is now focusing on biomedical research by receiving research grants from the National Institutes of Health U.S.A. and the World Health Organization.

In the course of 100 years, since its inception, the society has established 250 institutions. It has employed 16,000 personnel and about 1,25,000 students are studying in its institutions.

The K.L.E. Society is never complacent with its present achievements. In these days of globalization, the society has geared up to go global.

– Dr. Prabhakar Kore MP
Board of Management,
K.L.E. Society, Belagavi

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