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Department of Botany was established in the year 1935.Earlier our college was affiliated to Karnatak University Dharwad, since bifurcation from 2010-11 our Institute got affiliated to Rani Channamma University Belagavi. Autonomous status was implemented from the year 2012-2013.

The dynamic and visionary contributions by several renowned teachers Dr. Chikkanaiah, Dr. Panchaksharappa, Prof. Suryanarayan, Prof. B. C. Hosakeri and Prof. (Smt) A. M. Radha.

Few of our prominent alumni are Dr. S. B. Dandin, Former VC University of Horticultural Sciences, Bagalkot, Karnataka, India.  Dr. S. S. Salimath, Research Scientist-I, Dept of Biological Sciences, University of  North Texas, Denton, USA, Dr. Shivanand R Patil, Rtd. Director , Sr. Scientist Cytogenetics & Molecular laboratory, Iowa University, USA & Dr. Dinakar M. Salunke, Rtd. Director International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, New Delhi, India

Department has MoU with Kulkarni Farm Fresh Private Limited Bailhongal, Belagavi, Blossoms and Bagi farms.

Curriculum includes Taxonomic & Ecological Study tours, Visit to Industries, Research centers & BSRC.

Current thrust areas of teaching and research provide students with substantial exposure and hands-on training in a variety of subject areas of Botany and to nurture their talents.


  1. CBZ (Chemistry, Botany, Zoology)
  2. CBBt (Chemistry, Botany, Biotechnology)


  • Mushroom Cultivation  (2012-2013 onwards)
  • Horticultural Techniques (2013-2014 onwards)
  • Herbal Beauty Course (2017-2018 onwards)
  • Floriculture (NSQF) (To be introduced from 2020-2021)


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  • Course structure
  • Syllabus for B.Sc I Year(CBCS)
  • Syllabus for B.Sc II year (Non-CBCS)
  • Syllabus for B.Sc III year(Non-CBCS)




Dr. (Smt.) J. S. Kawalekar Raja Lakhamagouda Science Institute (Autonomous), Belagavi. Principal
Miss M. S. Bagi, HoD, Botany, Raja Lakhamagouda Science Institute (Autonomous), Belagavi. BoS Chairperson
Dr.(Smt). Sabiha Sultana, V C nominee, Associate Professor, GFGC, Yelahanka, Bengaluru. V C Nominee (Subject Expert)
Shri. Vadiraj D. Haribhat, A C nominee Assistant Professor P.C. Jabin Science College, Hubballi, AC Nominee (Subject Expert)
Dr. Jayatheerth Kulakarni Proprietor, Kulkarni Farm Fresh, Tigadi, Bailhongal Industrialist/ MoU partner Allied Area
Mrs. Asha Naik, Proprietor Blossoms Florist, Hindwadi, Belagavi Industrialist/ MoU partner Allied Area
Shri. B. L. Majukar Associate Professor G. S. S college,  Belagavi. Member (Alumnus)
Smt P. S. Melavanki Member


1. Histochemistry

  • Microsporogenesis in SECHIUM EDULE JACQ. SW.
  • Major Research Project Phytochemical studies and antidiabetic Evaluation of some Indian medicinal plant extracts.
  • Preliminary Phytochemical investigations on Roots of Nerium oleander, Linn,-VGST Govt. of Karnataka, Dept. of Information technology, Biotechnology, Science & Technology.
  • Phytochemical screening of the floral organs of Pongamia pinnata Linn. (Fabaceae family).

2. Environmental Biology-

  • Hydro biological studies in and around Belagavi with special reference to Rakaskop and Argantalab.
  • Survey of Noise pollution in the traffic zones of Belagavi city.

3. Aerobiology - Aerospora: Study of fungal spores in and around Karnatak University campus, Dharwad.

4. Plant Tissue culture- “Nutritional analysis of tender leaves, young fruits and seeds of Woolly Cassia (Senna hirsute (L.) H. S. Irwin & Barneby)”.


  • “Survey and Documentation of Antioxidant Rich fruits” published by Dr. J.S.Kawalekar & Dr. P.B. Bendigeri in World Journal of Pharmaceutical Research, Volume 3, Issue 10, Page No.-1660-1666, ISSN 2277-7105, SJIF Impact Factor 5.045, in the year 2014.
  • “NAAC Assessment: A Boon for Higher Education” published by Dr. J.S.Kawalekar in the International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR),Volume 4, Issue 3, Page No.-475-477, ISSN(Online):2319-7064,, Index Copernicus Value(2013): 6.14, Impact Factor(2013): 4.438, in the year 2015.
  • “Impact of Anthropogenic Pollution on Mangrove Biodiversity; A Review” published by Dr. J.S.Kawalekar in the International Journal of Multidisciplinary and Current Research, Volume 3, Page No.-1152-1154, ISSN: 2321-3124, in the year 2015.
  • “Impact of climate change on the livelihood of indigenous people” published by Dr. J.S.Kawalekar in International Journal of Recent Bioscientific Research, Volume 8, Issue 2, Page No.-15558-15561, ISSN: 0976-3031, in the year 2017.
  • “The Role of NAAC for Quality Assurance in Higher Education System” published by Dr. J.S.Kawalekar in International Journal of Innovative and Advanced Studies, Volume 4, Issue 2, Page No.- 213-215, ISSN: 2394-4404, in the year 2017.
  • “The value of life skills in higher education” published by Dr. J.S.Kawalekar in the International Organization of Scientific Research Journal of Research and Method in Education, Volume 7, Issue 3, Page No.- 43-46, e-ISSN: 2320-7388, p-ISSN: 2320-737X, in the year 2017.
  • “Distribution of Ascorbic Acid in the developing anthers of Cucumis sativus L.” published by Dr. J.S.Kawalekar in the World Journal of Pharmaceutical Research, Volume 6, Issue 7, Page No.- 1771-1777, ISSN: 2277-7105, SJIF Impact Factor 7.523, in the year 2017.
  • “Indigenous knowledge and Biopiracy” published by Dr. J.S.Kawalekar in the Research Journal of Life Sciences, Bioinformatics, Pharmaceuticals and Chemical Science An International Multidisciplinary Science and Research, Volume 7, Issue 8, Page No.- 131-133, ISSN: 2319-7064,Index Copernicus Value: 79.57, Impact Factor: 7.296, in the year 2018.
  • Women Empowerment and Education by Dr. J.S.Kawalekar in International Multidisciplinary Quarterly Research Journal-AJANTA Journal No 40776 Vo.7 Issue  4 Oct.-Dec.2018
  • Agricultural Biodiversity : Its need for Sustainable progress by Dr. J.S.Kawalekar in Journal of Emerging Technologies and Innovative Research Vol.6 Issue 2 Feb.2019
  • “Facilitating Transformation through Values” published by Dr. J.S.Kawalekar and Smt. H. I. Halappanavar, in the International Journal of Higher Educational Research, Volume 8, Issue 01, ISSN No.-2277-260X, UGC Indexed Serial No.- 48406, in the year 2018.
  • “Towards Wellness - Woman seeking Health information” published by Miss M.S. Bagi in the International Journal of Higher Educational Research, Volume number 8,Issue 01 ISSN No.-2277- 260X, UGC Indexed Serial No.-48406, January 2018.


1 National Level One Day National level Student’s Seminar ‘Emerging Trends in Pure sciences & Life Sciences’ Theme ‘Biodiversity: Depletion Causes & Conservation’ PPT Presentation 29-03-2016
2 State Level One Day State Level Seminar “Ozone depletion: its impact on Climate Change” PPT Presentation 16-09-2016
3 Institutional Level Two Day Institutional Level Workshop ‘Mushroom Cultivation’ 02 & 03-02-2017
4 National Level One Day National Student’s Seminar  ‘World Ozone Day’ 16-09-2017
5 National Level One Day National Student’s Seminar  ‘World Ozone Day’ 19-09-2018
6 Institutional Level One Day Workshop “Health Awareness Program Power of Herbs for Youth”, (Herbal Beauty Certificate Course) 05-03-2019
7 Institutional Level Poster presentation competition cum exhibition ‘Save Environment’ 24-07-2018
8 Karnataka Government Forest Department Wild life week celebration in association with Forest Department of Karnataka Traditional  Conservative methods of Biodiversity-  ‘Wild life Awareness week’ 03-10-2018
9 Institutional Level Painting competition ‘General awareness of environment’ 24-07-2019
10 National Level One Day National   Student’s Seminar ‘World Ozone Day’ 16-09-2019
11 Institutional Level Bouquet making competition ‘Various Techniques in Bouquet making’ 24-09-2019
12 Institutional Level Painting Competition ‘Connecting People to Nature’ 05-06-2020
13 National Level Webinar ‘Antiviral and immunostimulant agents from Medicinal plants’ 22-06-2020
14 International Level Webinar ‘Genetically Modified cotton plants produce Tocotrienols: Important Vitamin E components for added nutritional and medicinal value’ 30-06-2020
15 National Level Webinar ‘Advantages & Hazards of Ozone layer’ 16-09-2020
16 Institutional Level BIOFORUM-Teachers Training Program Genetics and Reproductive Biology 25-02-2021
17 National Level Webinar on the eve of World Environment Day Ecosystem Restoration: Need of the hour 05-06-2021
18 National Level Virtual Quiz competition on the eve of World Environment Day Issues related to Environmental Science 04-06-2021 to 08-06-2021
19 National Level Webinar Role of IPR in Protection of Inventions and Innovations 18-06-2021
20 National Level Webinar Western Ghats- Treasure of Medicinal plants 23-07-2021


1 Dr. S. M Sangave, Asst Director of Agriculture, Belagavi. Recent Advances in Agriculture sciences 03-09-2015
2 Dr. Jaytheerth Kulkarni Mushroom Cultivation Unit Tigadi. White Button Mushroom Cultivation 12-01-2016
3 Dr. C. G Patil, Karnataka Science College, Dharwad Techniques in Genetic Engineering 14-01- 2016
4 Dr. Arvind Kulkarni, Former Director , Pulp and Paper Research Institute NEPA Ltd. Dandeli. Role of cellulose in Paper Making 12-08-2016
5 Dr. Jaytheerth Kulkarni Mushroom Cultivation Unit, Thigadi. White Button Mushroom Cultivation 7-01-2017
6 Dr. Dinakar M Salunke, Director, International center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (ICGEB), New Delhi. Biology at the Interface of Physics and Chemistry. Molecules, Crystals and cellular mechanics 30-01-2017
7 Dr. Sagar Wagmore, Profrieter, Phonics, Belagavi Asst Prof. Dept of Civil Engineering, S. G. B. Inst. of  Technology, Belagavi. Hydrophonics 19-07-2017
8 Dr. Prakash Sobrad, Additional Director (Farm and Nurseries) Lalbagh, Bengaluru. Terrace Gardening 08-08-2017
9 Shri Sameer Majali Founder and Coordinator Green Saviors Belagavi. Miyawaki-Technique as a Tool for Afforestation 23-01- 2019
10 Prof.Vinayak Mutgekar Asst.Prof.Angadi school of Architecture Belagavi. Design process involved in Landscape 01-02-2019
11 Dr. Sanjay Mishra Scientist – Grade II a renowned person of our own KLE Academy of Higher Education and Research [KAHER] Dr. Prabhakar Kore Basic Science Research Center [BSRC] Nehru Nagar, Belagavi. IPR-With special reference to Indian patent law 14-02-2019
12 Shri Y. B. Dalwi Asst. Prof. Department of Botany S.K.E. Society’s G.S.S College, Belagavi. Skills to face Interview 30-01-2020
13 Smt. Ashwini Parab Asst. Prof. B. V. Bellad Law College, Belagavi Intellectual Property Rights in the Era of Globalization 31-01-2020
14 Dr. Satish S. Kulkarni, Rtd. Vice Principal, B. N. Degree College, Dandeli Bark Taxonomy 06-03-2020
15 Smt Laxmi Angadi, Lecturer, Department of Civil Engineering, KLS Vasantroa Potdar Polytechnic College, Belagavi Solid Waste Management 05-11-2020
16 Dr. C. P. Mallapur Department of Entomology University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad Pest on Horticultural crops 29-12-2020
17 Miss Pratibha Kumari Research Scholar in CSIR CFTRI, Mysuru Important tools used in Genetic Engineering 21-06-2021


1 Shri Malaprabha Sahakari Sakkare Karkhane Niyamit, M. K. Hubli Industrial Effluent treatment during processing of sugars 08-07- 2015
2 Nandini Milk Dairy, Belagavi Effluent treatment during Purification of Milk Analysis 14-09-2015
3 S. K. Zinc Industry Udyambagh,  Belagavi Purification of Effluent during the Process of Zinc Plating 15-09-2015
4 S. K. Zinc Industry Udyambagh, Belagavi Purification of Effluent during the Process of Zinc Coating 15-09-2015
5 Basic Science Research Center,  K L E University, Belagavi Study of Instrumentation 25-02-2016
6 RLSI Campus, Belagavi Taxonomical Study 23-03-2016
7 Castle Rock Study of Vegetation 19-09-2016
8 Nandini Milk Dairy (KMF), Belagavi Industrial Effluent treatment during Pasteurization of Milk 12-10-2016
9 Optimus Herbal Extract Industry, Belagavi Industrial Effluent treatment 20-10-2016
10 Super Metal industry Belagavi Industrial Effluent treatment 24-10-2016
11 Shri Malaprabha Sahakari Sakkare Karkhane Niyamit M. K. Hubballi Industrial Effluent treatment during processing of sugars 03-10-2016
12 Sai Food Industry, Belagavi Effluent treatment during Food Processing 03-10-2016
13 K. L. E. Hospital, Belagavi Effluent treatment 04-10-2016
14 Hyloc Hydrotechnique Pvt. Ltd. Belagavi Effluent treatment 04-10-2016
15 Amrut Pharmaceuticals, Belagavi Effluent treatment 05-10-2016
16 Dr Prabhakar Kore Basic Science Research Center,  K L E University, Belagavi Study of Instruments 03-03-2017
17 Shiroda and Vengurla Ecology and Study of Preservation of fruits and fruit juices 02-10-2017
18 Fruit Research CenterVengurla Parabwada, Maharashtra Study of Extraction of Fruit Juices and pulp 02-10-2017
19 RLSI Campus, Belagavi Study of Lower forms 04-10-2017
20 Biomedical Unit Civil Hospital, Belagavi Biomedical Waste Management 04-10-2017
21 Hiranyakeshi Sugar Industry,  Sankeshwar Effluent Treatment 05-10-2017
22 Laxmitek Water filtration plant,  Belagavi Water filtration and Purification 05-10-2017
23 K. L. E. Dr Prabhakar Kore Hospital, Belagavi Biomedical Waste Management 06-10-2017
24 K. L .E. Dr Prabhakar Kore Hospital, Belagavi Solid Waste Management 06-10-2017
25 S. Nijalingappa Institute of Sugar Technology, Belagavi Tissue culture techniques and soil testing 05-02-2018 & 07-02-2018
26 Bhimgad Reserve Forest and Castle rock Forest types and vegetation 18-09-2018
27 Hulme’s park, Belagavi Exhibition on Flowers, fruits vegetables and Mushrooms 02-11-2018
28 KAHER Dr Prabhakar Kore Science Research Centre, Belagavi Study of Advanced research equipments and their working 24-01-2019 & 29-01-2019
29 Kankumbi and Jamboti Taxonomic study 09-03-2019
30 Shiroda and Vengurla Ecology and Study of Preservation of fruits and fruit juices 07-03-2019


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1 2015-2016 24
2 2016-2017 23
3 2017-2018 28
4 2018-2019 52
5 2019-2020 81
6 2020-2021 06
                                         Total     207


The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) is between K.L.E’s Society’s R. L. Science Institute (Autonomous) Belagavi, Department of Botany and the Kulkarni Farm Fresh Pvt. Ltd. Post Tigadi, Belagavi

 The Memorandum of Understanding establishes the following

  1. To organize workshop on Mushroom Cultivation to the stakeholders
  2. Participation of Staff as resource person for the certificate course
  3. Support extension activities for common interest
  4. Exchange of any other data and information of common interest
  5. Promote research and realize cooperative projects, giving priority in interdisciplinary works
  • Collaboration is active from the Academic year 2015-2016 (02-02-2016) till date.


Ppt Presentation on World Ozone Day
Visit to Kulkarni Farm fresh
Visit to Vengurla Fruit and Pulp Research Institute
Workshop on Mushroom Cultivation
Bouquet making Competition
Celebration of World Ozone Day
Guest Lecture on IPR in the era of Globalization
Inhouse Seminar
Interaction with German students
Painting Competition
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