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P.G Courses

P.G Courses


Department of Physics was established in the year 1935 as a part of Lingraj College. In 1944, the degree course in science was inaugurated by the Nobel Laureate Sir C.V.Raman. Karnatak University PG course in Physics was introduced in 1948 and was continued upto 1957 in our department. In the year 1951 foundation stone of Physics Department was laid by Shri Jayachamarajendra Wadeyar. In 1958 the science wing was bifurcated from Lingraj college as a full pledged science institute and called Raja Lakhamgouda Science Institute.

Dr. G.S.Paramashivayya and Prof. G.D.Somannavar from physics department worked as principal of the college and devoted themselves for the glory of the institute. Prof. G.D.Somannavar also had the privilage of working as Secretary of KLE Society, Belagavi. Later Prof. M.A.Hipparagi, Prof. G.N.Kulkarni, Prof. I.M.Kotabagi, Prof. T.G.Yadwad, Prof. B.L.Kolli, Prof. S.B.Mondrolli, Prof. I.A.Nargund, Prof. S.V. Dalavai and Prof. B. B. Bawache had the privilage of working as Head of the department. Presently Prof. R. R. Wadagavi is working as the Head of the department.

Looking into the needs of the stakeholders, our department introduced a new subject Electronics in the year 1988. PG Course in Physics (Solid State Physics) was introduced during the academic year 2010-11. A new combination with Electronics, Mathematics and Computer Science was introduced in the year 2013-14. Three certificate courses Electrical Engineering, Geo-Physics and Astro - Physics were introduced in the year 2013-14, 14-15 and 15–16 respectively. One more new combination Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science was introduced in the year 2017-18. Two new certificate courses Digital system Design using Verilog and Electronic Equipments and their Maintenance were introduced in the year 2017-18 and 2018-19 respectively.

Dr. Kameshwar Wali (Prof. Emeritus, Syracuse University, USA), Dr.C.N. Hiremath (Scientist America), Dr. Nutan Madikeri, Senior Scientist, IIT, Bombay, Dr. Collin d’silva , former Vice Admiral ,Indian Navy, Dr. V.N. Misale (Scientist G, ISRO) , Dr. Sanjeev Inamadar (Junior Scientist awardee and former Chairman, Physics Department, KUD) , Shri Shrinath Joshi, IPS, Shri M.G. Hiremath IAS, Shri. Basavaraj V. Patil ,IFS, Shri. Sunil Sadashivpet, Group captain, Indian Air Force, Dr. L.N.Katkar, Junior Scientist Awardee, Indian Science Congress Association, Dr.(Smt) Milan Madikeri ,New Jercy, USA , etc are our well known alumni.

Our department has produced 33 ranks to the university of which 10 are during third accreditation period.

Our institute adopted a slogan "Adapt and Excel". Our department carries out all activities true to our slogan.

Departmental e-mail ID : rlsiphysics@gmail.com

Student Strength of the Department for the year 2018-19:
Total Appeared 15 RA 23 RA
A 9 RA 10 RA
B 4 RA 12 RA
C 0 RA 0 RA
D 0 RA 0 RA
% of Passing 86.67 RA 96.65 RA
• RA- Result Awaited

Faculty Members

Shri. R R Wadagavi 9449938855 M.Sc Associate Prof 26/09/1986 935633694271
Shri.S L Galagali 9449883737 M.Sc Associate Prof 03/09/1990 828336588732
Shri. A S Pujar 9448635737 M.Sc Associate Prof 24/07/1993 999340084087
Dr. Maktum Tamboli 9902499631 M.Sc, Ph.D Asst. Prof 10/06/2019 742811493313
Dr. Vinay kumar M 8546936932 M.Sc, Ph.D,K-SET Asst. Prof 14/06/2019 582498533111
Miss. Vinuta J B 7829204976 M.Sc, K-SET Asst. Prof 17/06/2019 739146493474
Miss. S G Katti 9743474146 M.Sc B.Ed Lecturer 01/08/2011 7215 3616 6888
Miss. K S Ghiwari 9964339329 M.Sc B.Ed Lecturer 01/08/2015 2087 8510 2592
Shri. S S Hiremath 8970889135 M.Sc B.Ed Lecturer 15/07/2016 483464386792
Miss. S Y Potadar 8951210693 M.Sc (Ph.D) Lecturer 23/01/2017 422537224673
Smt. A M Bagawan 9483446984 M.Sc B.Ed Lecturer 23/01/2017 655519988810
Miss. M N Galagali 9916916026 M.Sc B.Ed Lecturer 08/06/2017 572320448218


The student strength of the department for the year 2013-14 is :76.

Class Strength
M.Sc. Part I 40
M.Sc. Part II 36
Departmental Result
Year (2013-14) M.SC. I SEM M.SC. III SEM
Total Appeared 40 36
Distinctions 14 21
First Class 17 08
Second Class 04 NIL
Pass Class NIL NIL
Failed 05 07
% of Passing 87.50 % 80.56 %

Faculty Member

  • Dr. M. S. Chaudhary (Rtd. Professor Shivaji University, Kolhapur)
  • Dr. C. S. Manjarekar (Rtd. Professor Shivaji University, Kolhapur)
  • Dr. (Smt) S. N. Banasode (Associate Professor R.L.Sc. Institute)
Particulars Departmental Library
No. of books 45
No. of magazines --
No. of journals --
Student's achievements
  • Miss. Sana Uchgaonkar - 2nd rank to RCU
  • Miss. Sana Mevegar – 3rd rank to RCU
Departmental achievement

For the first time in the history of North Karnataka K.L.E Society’s R.L. Science Institute got the prestigious opportunity to start the NET/SLET coaching in Mathematics from the year 2013-14

Guest lecture

Date3rd Oct. 2013SponsorIndian Mathematical Society in collaboration with R.L. Science InstituteTopicDifferential Geometry

Guest Prof C. S. Bagewadi, HOD, Department of Mathematics Kuvempu University, Shimoga


Departmental e-mail ID : electronicsrlsi@gmail.com

Certificate Courses:
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Digital System design using Verilog
  • Electronic Equipments and their Maintenance
Learning resources :
Sl. No. Particulars Departmental Library
1. No. of books 276
  • No. of computers in the department : 07
  • No. of Laboratories : 07
  • Teaching aids in the department : Charts, Models, CD/DVDs, OHP

ICT Resources : LCD Projector

Faculty member

Name of the Faculty Contact No Qualification Designation Joining Date UID
Shri. V.K.Ganiger 9448849958 M.Sc. (Ele) ,B.Ed, PGDCA, M.Sc. (Phy) Full Time Lecturer 08/072003 245088046979
Smt M. M. Puranik 9731322030 M.Sc. B.Ed. (Ph.D) Full Time Lecturer 23/07/2003 316822860180


About Us:

Establishment of the Department: 2018

  • Quality performance
  • Project inculcating research temper
  • Exploring students to broad spectrum of career in chemical science
Why to select Chemistry

Chemistry is responsible for many of the most important breakthroughs in science. The course at RL Science Institute is designed to develop academic talent leading to challenging and rewarding professional life. Though the core branches of chemistry such as Organic, Inorganic and Physical are the main focus of the course, other emerging topics, such as Nanotechnology, Environmental Chemistry, Green Chemistry, Spectroscopy, Analytical Chemistry, and other interface branches are also added to expose students to new and exciting trends in present day research along with thorough fundamental knowledge of Chemistry.

Career Options:

There are a wide variety of career options for a PG in Chemistry. From teaching to research and development, the field of chemistry is wide and diverse. A PG in Chemistry opens up job opportunities in research and development institutions, industrial sector, government departments, health sector, laboratories and academia. Chemists can get jobs in pharmaceutical companies, petroleum companies, chemical industries, perfume industries etc. The field of chemistry is highly rewarding and lucrative field of study. You can also pursue research which expands the job horizons.

Departmental e-mail ID : rlsichem@gmail.com,

Student Strength of the Department for the year 2018-19:
Year M.Sc. I Sem. M.Sc. II Sem. M.Sc. III Sem. M.Sc. IV Sem.
Total Appeared 10
A Grade 06
B Grade 02
C Grade 00
D Grade 00
% of Passing 80.00%

Faculty Members

Sl. No Name of the Faculty Qualification Designation Email-ID Experience
1. Prof. N. B. Gokavi M.Sc Associate Prof gokavinb@gmail.com 26
2. Dr. Satish M. P. M.Sc, Ph.D, Post Doc. Assistant Prof satimp@gmail.com 10
3. Dr. Jagadish N. Hiremath M.Sc, Ph.D Assistant Prof hiremathjn@gmail.com 6
4. Dr. Gangadhar Babaladimath M.Sc, Ph.D Assistant Prof gangadhar.0058@gmail.com 3
5. Dr. Jyoti Madar M.Sc, Ph.D Assistant Prof madar.jyoti651@gmail.com 2
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